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Forme Sirène/Trompette Col V Longueur ras du sol Dentelle Robe de soirée avec Emperler Sequins #51657

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152.18 €

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I want to thank everyone at JJ's House for doing exactly what they said they could do. I gave them some not so correct measurements and immediately was contacted and corrected. Then I only gave them 10 days to make a custom dress and have it delivered to Texas. It was here on the exact date and fit just as it should have. I must say it is the best customer service I have ever received. If you are wondering if you should order a dress, then let me help you make your decision. DO IT!

This dress is stunning from top to bottom. Fully lined, impeccably taylored with beautiful lace and broche.
The top is draped perfectly with soft pleats and folds that lay nicely over the bust.
I will wear this dress every chance I get.

I had never seen a dress like this. This dress is so elegant and decent, and it is perfect for my mother.

I have received it today, and I believe that my mother will like it very much.

The dress is simply designed. My husband said that I was so elegant and beautiful with the dress. What's more, the trumpet style of the dress shows the beauty of my body very well.

The sleeves that can cover half of the arms make the dress more special and beautiful.

I would like to recommend your website to all my friends and family members. Thank you.

The design of the dress is so elegant, which is just what I want. And the lace fabric is very good. What's more, it can cover the widest part of my arm very well.

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