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Forme Sirène/Trompette Col festonné Balayage/Pinceau train Taffeta Robe de soirée avec Plissé #21133

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103.83 €

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Can you send me a picture on this in Blue?

I would like to see a full picture of the front and back please and would order in white if available...


Hello, is it possible to see a photo of the front of the dress in full? I am very interested in getting this but I want to make sure the front is the style I am looking for. Thank you!

is there anyway that i can see a front view of the dress with the model standing up? i saw the other girl's comment but didn't see an attachment.

thank you!

I love the top and back of this dress but is it possible for you to send me pictures of the entire dress so I can see how it looks as a whole

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