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Forme Sirène/Trompette Encolure asymétrique Longueur ras du sol Charmeuse Tulle Robe de soirée avec Fleur(s) #19558

131.59 250.66 €
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131.59 €

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I am 6' tall, never an easy thing to find a dress. I waited until the last moment to order and decided not to do a custom size because I thought it could just add time. I knew I hadn't left much room time wise and didn't want a chance of it not arriving before my event. Well it got here 2 days prior. Quality was great but sadly it was just too tight to wear to the event. It was my fault completely so I kept the dress. I will wear it in the future and custom ordering a dress now for my mom's wedding.

For what they charge for custom sizing, I will always pay the extra and do it right. No more last minute ordering by me. Love this website and the quality of their dresses. The only place I shop now.


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