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Forme Fourreau Bustier en coeur Longueur ras du sol Charmeuse Dentelle Robe de demoiselle d'honneur avec Fleur(s) #19606

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124.42 €

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This dress displays beautiful depth and range of different hues of blue as the black lace bunches and loosens when you change position, the colours in the wedding photos both professional and amateur varied from a primary blue, to indigo, to royal and midnight blue. If there's not enough light or it doesn't hit the dress right it can look a bit blacker than you want, especially in the skirt as the bodice part usually catches light well.

They were comfortable, if a little hot inside for the night-do. The dress has an internal bra however (despite the actual dress fitting fine) I had to have 6 inches taken off the back strap of the bra because the elastic was so weak that it just stretched and stretched and didn't hold firm. Despite this the dress mostly stayed in place which is good for a strapless dress, and only needed me to tug it back into place a few times in the later stages of the evening when dancing got the best of it.

All the measurements were kept to, but bear in mind they add a few inches to the length for heels automatically! Our party included a very large lady, for whom the dress fit well and was not unflattering, and a 8 months pregnant lady- we tried to order quite close to the wedding (JJ'shouse were prompt in sending, it took about 9 days from order to receipt) and we worked with JJ'shouse who tried hard to accommodate an unusual shape of dress with "guestimate" measurements for our growing pregnant lady. Our best guesses were still off by quite a bit and the dress did need altering but that wasn't JJ's fault.

The dresses are beautiful and gained multiple compliments from guests and people seeing photos afterwards. They aren't just traditional pink-poofy-bridesmaid dresses so we think we might be able to use them again for posh parties.


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