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personnalisé Design géométrique Acier inoxydable Boutons de manchette (Lot de 2) #31907

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Livraison rapide (+/- 2 semaines), article conforme à l'image et de qualité. Merci! :)

So happy with this product!

I ordered several cufflinks for our groomsmen and my fiance. They arrived very soon after I placed the order. Each in their own gift box. Very professionally done!


Just want to say thank you!! i have received my package!! everything is in good condition and they are just the same as the picture shown on the website!!thank you couldn't be happier with my purchase!! would come again for more items!!

Thanks again.

I ordered these for the significant men partaking in my sister's wedding.
A perfect, personalised gift, each in there own gift box, to present to the member of family & friend.
Very professionally done!

Wonderful! Exactly what we expected! Original gifts for guests!Fast delivery, thank you!!

We are distressed about gifts options. When i saw them, i knew it would be a good one for groomsmens. Came in a cute box. Great!

This is my first time shopping on your website. I bought the cufflinks as my wedding gift. They are in a beautiful gift box. I am very happy that they can be personalized and the effect is exactly what I want. I will recommend your website to my friends.

LOVE YOUR product! The cufflinks are special. It will be a new idea to give them to guests as a present I think. ANYWAY they are good quality and delicate.

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