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personnalisé "All you need is love" Plastique Portes-clés/Mirroir compact (Lot de 5) #30139

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The keychains are perfect. I ordered them on August 10th and received on August 18th. I cannot wait to buy some more items from you because i think there is still a plenty of time for me before my wedding date comes.

The keychains are fantastic.Thank you for your effort.

This is a very good shopping experience. We are very happy with this purchase, the items arrived as scheduled. They were shipped in a perfect condition. The keychains are with good quality. I will fully recommend the website and the items to my friends.

I like the special design of the key chains/compact mirror. It is easy to carry and can be used as mirror. So I like it very much.
The shipping time was also faster than that of other websites.
Thank you!

Wonderful keychains! We cannot be more satisfied. Thank you!

Oho! Thanks,you guys! Your service representatives are friendly and helpful without exception.

I received my order from JJsHouse today. How perfect they were. The price was very reasonable and this items are with good quality, we fully recommend them. Your advice helps me a lot. Thank you JJsHouse.

How great the items are. I do like them very much. They look just like the picture. The quality is very high and the pattern on the item looks simple. I am very surprised that the customer service is so good. I am very pleased with the service. Thank you JJsHouse.

Everything arrived as promised. Prompt communication. Thanks for your help.

I was so excited when I received them, because the keychains arrived as scheduled. The last experience online was very awful and I was very disappointed at that website. From the customer service and the high quality of the item, I think the website is reliable. I like the glasses very much. Next time, my best friends Elaine will purchase something else from you.

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