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Forme Sirène/Trompette Amoureux Longueur ras du sol Taffeta Dentelle Robe de mère de la mariée avec Emperler Paillettes #18957

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167.39 €

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I LOVE IT!!!!!! I ordered it in brown color, it's absolutely fabulous, however there's one thing i would like to point out - the part on the hips and top tights - when I sit it's way too tight, these body parts go wider or flatter when you sit down so the dress could be a bit more flexible in that part. i understand that it's supposed to be fitting however i need to lift it up a bit to sit in it. Maybe moving the cut up of 10 cm could make a difference? Otherwise it's fantastic;)


An amazing dress and I am sure that I will purchase other dresses. I would like to thank all the people who did the dress and the people who helped with my inquiries.

Hallow jjs house. The wedding will start in few days but I really wonder why i did not get my dress yet . if your company recived my payment . the other thing i wonder about ' that you asked me to send my credeat cards photos by mail and you know it is not leagal and there is not eaven phone no '. to contuct you. Now there is 3 problems 1 :- my item not shipped yet. 2 :- you have photos of my credeat cardes in unleagal way 3 :- there is no phone no or information about your real ID . in this case i am really sorry if i find my self must to check your act by the law. I will wait -again - for your answer. Thank you. Shadya

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