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Élégante Papier Nacre Cartes porte-nom (Lot de 10) #32279

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Everything about JJ's House is excellent. I have been ordering from them for a few years and have NEVER been disappointed.I live in an area that has very limited shopping selections so the internet is my only choice.Thank you so much!

Nice doing, jjshouse!
I found these product at a local shop and loved it. But the price of each set was too high. I searched on the website for the similar ones. And luckily, I found them! When they were here, I was surprised! They are amazing. The material and quality of these items are wonderful.

I received the number cards yesterday. They are the same as the pictures shown on the website and they are packed in good conditions. Although the design is simple,they look nice and practical. I will come next time.

I would like to indicate that I am a very happy customer. I received my order. All the items are delicate and wonderful. I would recommend your website to any bride, groom, bridesmaid and mother of the bride. Thank you and love you!

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