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Style de la mariée et du marié Enveloppe & Pochette Invitation Cards (Lot de 50) #42254

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44.75 €

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Gorgeous! No words can describe my happiness when I received cards.

The invitation cards are very unique! I will recommend your website to all my friends! I will order my other wedding accessories from your website too. Thank you for your good job!

The invitation cards are very special!

Very beautiful invitation cards. Love them!

This is a very beautiful card and all my friends like it. Your website is amazing since you have so many amazing cards. I am considering buying more from you. I believe that you will never let me down.

Thank you for recommending these cards to me and they are amazing.

The design and the color of these invitation cards are both very cute.

I love the unique design of this product. I am going to be married soon.I had been searching for something like this for a long time and finally I found it on your website and it is really amazing.Thank you very much.

I strongly recommend it !!! Thank you.

I found the pricing at your website very competitive. The website was easy to navigate as was ordering and check out. These cards arrived very quickly with excellent packing. I would buy from you again.

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