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Forme Princesse Longueur genou Robes à Fleurs pour Filles - Tulle/Polyester Sans manches Col rond avec Plissé/À ruban(s) #93784

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I wasn't sure these would fit correctly and I was also worried that they would be cheaply made. I am absolutely in love with the 2 I ordered! The picture is a little chaotic but the dresses were perfect!


Having never ordered anything online before I was very skeptical and my daughter wanted to order for bridesmaids dresses from JJ's house we took a chance we order them we were so very pleased, they came fast they fit the girls perfectly and they were absolutely beautiful. That wedding was May 2015. we are now ordering second Daughter bridesmaids dresses. we have already received three of them. I am so very pleased, and now we are ordering the flower girl dresses. The average time that it has taken for the dresses to arrive is about two weeks. The first wedding two out of the three dresses or special sized orders, and three out of three of the second wedding were special order sizes still only took two weeks that is excellent service. I highly recommend JJ's House ! I do think you will be Pleased

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