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Size Chart

Finding The Right Fit

Size:True to Size


Boot Shaft:True to Size

Arch Support:Minimal

For shoe size conversion, please consult our size charts below:

Women's Footwear Size Conversion Chart A
SizeFoot LengthFor your reference only
Women's Footwear Size Conversion Chart B
SizeFoot LengthFor your reference only
Kids' Footwear Size Conversion Chart A
Foot Lengthinch4.654.925.165.435.75.946.226.46
Kids' Size Conversion Chart B
Foot Lengthinch5.986.186.386.576.776.977.177.367.567.767.958.158.358.548.748.94
Kids' Size Conversion Chart C
Foot Lengthinch5.
Finding Your Shoe Size

All you need to get your proper foot measurement at home is:

  •  a piece of paper
  •  a pencil
  •  a ruler
  •  a measuring tape

Step 1

Put a piece of paper on the floor, place your bare foot on the paper. Hold the pencil straight against your foot and trace the outline of your foot.

(Reminder: It is more accurate measuring with socks or stockings you will wear for new shoes.)

Step 2

Draw straight lines at the longest toe and at back of the heel, and measure the distance between the two lines with your ruler.

Step 3

Repeat steps above for your other foot, use the longer and wider one. Check with our size chart for the style of shoes you have interest, then select your size.

Shipping Information for Made-To-Order Items


Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time

Please Note:

InJJsHouse.fr, each pair of shoes are made from scratch according to your specifications. Please understand that it could change based on fluctuations in seasonal demand.

Processing time as follow:

Flats, Boots, Sandals, Pumps, Wedges and Platforms: 6-7 days

Wedding Shoes: 7-8 days

Dance Shoes: 9-11 days

Thank you for your patience.


Shipping Time

We ship to over 200 countries around the world. Our internationally trusted logistic service providers such as DHL and UPS offers safe and expedited deliver to your door.

Expedited Shipping: 5-6 days

Standard Shipping: 5-9 days

Super Saver Shipping: 15-30 days

General Return Policies

1.  Contact our Customer Service to initiate the return process within 7 days upon receiving your item(s).

Please note that we only accept products in their original condition, and we cannot process any products that are returned without our prior knowledge. If you wish to return any or all parts of your order, you will need to contact customer service at Contact Us and obtain a "Product Return" form that must be included with your package.

2.  Mis-shipped products: Once we have confirmed your mis-shipped items (item shipped different from item ordered), we will be responsible for the item exchange and postage. You may also return the product and get a full refund including postage.

3.  Color Errors: If the color of the item received is not what was ordered, you are qualified to get a full refund.

4.  This return policy does not apply to our business resellers. Please contact us for additional instructions.


Specific Policies for Our Items

Order Cancellation

We understand that it is a very important undertaking to order a pair of shoes for your special occasion, and our cancellation policy was formulated with this in mind. However, it is important to note that our shoes are made to order. Once the shoemaking process has begun, the materials cannot be reused. Please be informed that after placing your order, there is still time to change your mind. For details, please refer to our cancellation policy below.

Cancellation Policy 

- Unpaid orders will be cancelled automatically after 5 days. 

- Orders cancelled within 24 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a full refund.
- Orders cancelled within 24 to 72 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a partial refund consisting of full shipping cost and 80% of product purchase price.
- Orders cancelled within 72 to 120 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a partial refund consisting of full shipping cost and 50% of product purchase price.
- Orders cancelled beyond 120 hours after payment confirmation will be eligible for a partial refund of full shipping cost only.
- Once your order has been shipped, it can no longer be cancelled.

If you would like to cancel your order, please login to My Orders, select the order you need help with, and request a cancellation.

Returning For Replacement or Refund

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Upon the arrival of your package, it is suggested that you check and make sure the shoes have been made in accordance with your order specifications. Please try on your shoes as soon as possible without washing the shoes.

If you are returning or exchanging shoes or accessories, please make sure they are in their original conditions - unworn, unwashed, undamaged, clean, free of lint and hair. You will be responsible for all return shipping costs.

Defective, Damaged or Mis-shipped Items

You are qualified to get a full refund if your items are defective, damaged or mis-shipped. If you believe your items were damaged during delivery, you must obtain "Proof of Damage" documentation from your delivery carrier, which should be included in your returned package.

Sizing or Fitting Issues

As all of our shoes are customized, the finished shoes may vary by approximately 1/2 centimeter in either direction of the specified measurements.

Size Deviation

Please understand that items that do not fit properly but in accordance with the specifications you ordered cannot be returned or exchanged.

Color Mismatch

The settings of your computer screen may alter the color of the pictures shown on the site. Slight color aberration may not mean that the shoes are defective or mis-shipped. However, if you are positive that you have received the item in a wrong color, please contact Customer Service to see if a return or refund is possible.

Return Process

1.Submit a return request at Contact Us to Customer Service within 7 days upon receiving your order. Please include an explanation and photographs stating the reason for your return.

We reserve the right not to accept the returns without prior approval from our Customer Service.

2. Once our Customer Service has approved your request, we will provide you with a return address as well as a Product Return Form that must be filled in and included with your return. Please send the item(s) through your local post office within 3-5 business days upon receiving the return form. Please DO NOT use expedited courier like UPS, DHL or FedEx; the normal economic Post Office service would be just fine. Please keep the tracking number safe.

3. All the return item(s) will go through inspections. We will process the refund when we confirm that the product has the problems you mentioned.Once the refund has been processed by us, it usually takes 10-15 business daysfor the funds to be credited to your account, depending on your bank or payment service. Your bank or payment service may levy a small transaction charge.

All PayPal payment can only be refunded via PayPal, all Credit Card payment will only be refunded to the original Credit Card.

Please Note: we reserve the right not to process the refund if they are returned in unacceptable condition.

1. Tips for Finding the Right Fit

Before Buying Your Shoes:

•      Order a whole size up if the half size you’re looking for isn’t available.  

•      Go up half a size if you require wide fit and it’s not available. 

•      One foot is often bigger than the other for people, use the measurement of the larger foot to determine sizing.

•      If you have a particular preferred brand, then order the size that you usually wear for that brand. Our shoes are from the manufacturer.

Once You Receive Your Shoes:

•      Try on your shoes with the usual socks or stockings that you will wear them with, as this may affect the necessary size. 

•      Test out the shoes on indoor carpeting to protect the soles of the shoes in case you feel the need to return them.

2. How can I tell I have the right shoe size?

When you don’t feel a gap between the side of the shoe and the foot, your foot arch is cradled by the arch of the shoe, you have a small amount of wiggle room for your toes, and your heels do not slip and feel comfortable when walking.

3. How can I tell if I have the right size of sandal or mule?

The shoe lining should be fully covered by your feet, and your toes and heels should not overlap.     

4. My heel is slipping but otherwise my boots feel fine. What’s the problem?

Boots often have a softer counter for the heel, which makes sliding into them easier when you start wearing them. This is normal and nothing to worry about, and soon the heel will shape to your foot and stop slipping.

5. How can I measure the heights of the heels I see detailed in your product pages?

To ensure consistency, we measure the heights of heels from a sample shoe size. Actual measurements of the heel will match proportionately to the size of your shoe and may differ slightly by size. Our measurements are from the center of the heel to the spot that it meets the sole. The measurement is separate for platform shoes. We round off our measurements to a quarter inch.

6. My feet seem to increase in size in the afternoon. Is this possible?

It’s common for feet to slightly swell throughout the day due to activity and changing body temperature. It’s best to try on shoes in the afternoon after some exercise.

7. How can I pay for my shoes?

You can pay with Debit or Credit, or PayPal.

8. Is there a way to check the status of my order?  

If you want to see where your order is, when you will receive it, or whether it’s been sent yet, log in and click on My Orders on any page of our website.

9. How is sales tax applied? 

Sales tax is included in the prices shown.

Note: Remember that certain countries charge duty tax for customs import that you might be required to pay. For information, ask your local customs office.

10. Can you ship to my country?   

We can ship anywhere in the world. We may need additional information to ship to certain places, but this is rare and we will inform you right away if that’s the case.

11. What is your policy for returns?

You must contact Custom Service within 7 days to begin the return process. If your order arrives with defects, color errors, or has been mis-shipped, you qualify for a full refund. However, if there are no defects or if it is the same size that you ordered but does not fit, we will not accept the returned item.

12. What are the costs of shipping?

We can provide expedited shipping, standard shipping, or super savers shipping. The costs vary from place to place, and are also determined by the weight of the product. Place a test order to determine the potential shipping costs.

13. Do you base your size charts on the US or UK standards? Which is the best way to know the right size?

Our size chart is unique of UK and USA size. It’s important that you check our size chart and measuring guide to determine the right one for you. If you’re worried about size check, it’s advised that you choose custom size. Get the professional measurements and then fill in the precise measurements when you order.

14. Can I order on the phone?

We only accept online orders at this time. You may pay with PayPal, or with credit cards including Visa, Discovery, American Express, or MasterCard.

15. I already placed my order but my payment has not yet been accepted?

Don’t worry, just log in and go to My Orders, choose the order you need assistance with and name the payment problems you are having. We will reply within 24 hours to fix the problem and present you with other options.

Professional Care From Material to Delivery

Material Procurement: After checking the fabric quality from several suppliers, JJsHouse.fr selects the most delicate fabric for customers. JJsHouse.fr uses solid and exquisite threads only to make comfortable dresses.

Processing: With the responsible manufacturers and their good manufacturing equipments, the well-processed dresses can always meet customers' demands.

Packing / Delivering: Every dress of JJsHouse.fr is packed well in the package separately, avoiding products being scratched or ripped. Always choosing the best shipper to make the delivery, JJsHouse.fr garantees all the customers will receive their dresses in good manner.

Shoes Care

Get one of our gel shoe cushions to maintain the most stylish look and the highest level of comfort. We make them available in numerous shapes and sizes to ensure you can always find the right one for you!