Forme Princesse Bustier en coeur Traîne moyenne Tulle Dentelle Robe de mariée
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Forme Princesse Bustier en coeur Traîne moyenne Tulle Dentelle Robe de mariée #002056610

Prix: 284.32

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284.32 €
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Par chelseasorrento 2016-10-07 08:47:42

Speaking honesty-- this dress turned out to be absolutely perfect for my wedding, but it wasn't without having to fix a few things-- I'll give a few warnings first, then give you some major pros. This was my dress:

1. Dress came with some dark brown and some light pink fabric that clearly got caught in the sewing machines and stitched into the lace. There were about 10 spots of this. My tailor was able to easily thread some white thread over it and make these flaws invisible, but this was of course at a cost to me.

2. The buttons on the back were sewn on very crooked, which I had to have removed and resewn by my tailor. This was a slightly more expensive alteration.

3. Many reviews said that the dress came ~1-2" too big even when they did custom measurements. I had custom measurements taken by my tailor, and that thing was SNUG on me when it came and I hadn't gained any weight. Worked out totally fine in the end, but it was definitely NOT loose haha.

4. Keep in mind you'll need to pay to have a tailor put a bussle on the dress-- however, this is still FAR SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER than buying a dress even at David's and then having to pay to have it altered.

Some major Pros....

1. Everyone literally thought my dress was a $5k dress from a boutique and will NOT stop commenting on how gorgeous it was.

2. ITS FREAKING CHEAP!!!!!!! Even given the alterations, this cost me way less than an almost identical dress I was looking at at davids. Also, because of all the trouble, JJs gave me a partial refund... if you run into issues, let them know. They were flexible to work with despite the stress of the issues.

3. FAST SHIPPING AND PRODUCTION. This dress got to me in -literally- 8 days. Unbeatable! David's makes you wait upwards of 4 months for your dress that is probably sitting in a warehouse and not custom made.

4. The Custom Sizing. Take advantage of this!!!! Altering the length and seams of a dress is pretty much the most expensive alteration you can have done. Avoiding this with the custom sizing was fantaastic.

5. You're going to look freaking great. This dress is FLATTERING. Despite your size or shape, it gives you a lovely figure, is forgiving at the bottom and comfy to wear so you don't have to feel like you're trapped and can't move your legs on your big day!

I recommend this dress and this site highly. Hope this was useful!


Par amanada.lin 2016-07-25 01:32:39

It is as photo! I know it's hard to believe, and you would wonder could it be. It was my first time buying online, as I am in a hurry to do a photo shoot and my actual dress is not arriving till 6 months later. This is brilliant.

The dress is beautiful, was amazed and surprised when I received it! It could've been one of those 1500 dollar dress in store. Nicely made, the cut and style is good. The laces are exactly as the photos!

The only thing is that I would order a smaller size as I have to take it in quite a bit. I'm a US2-4, as advice I ordered a 4 but it was a little loose. Also it's a little bit long, would've been all good if I ordered a smaller size I guess.

Love it! Definitely recommend it. Arrived ahead of time as well!


Par cindykat3 2016-07-19 11:24:04

Amazing and gorgeous dress! Definitely got what I paid for. My dream wedding is coming true thanks to JJSHOUSE!!!! I recommend it!


Par Iamjfu 2016-06-23 07:41:40

this is absolutely stunning. very fit and detailed needle work


Par Elizabeth Sasson 2016-05-07 09:02:06

This dress is everything I ever wanted with a great price!! It has the sweetheart neckline and the the buttons that go all the way down to the bottom, And oh....the train is just GORGEOUS!! There are a couple of strings and tulle that need to be cut, which is's expected when you expedite the shipping. This dress IS worth buying if you don't want to spend much on a wedding dress.
I will definitely recommend my friends this website. I bought my garter and veil here too. High quality stuff!! And the items ship fast!! So excited for my wedding. You deserve my 5 stars!


Par amos_angie 2016-05-04 09:30:34

Size 8, bust a little bigger than needed. Great dress, thick and full at a cheap cheap price! I love this dress! I got the white one and wore beige heels.


Par truckya.96 2016-03-31 11:35:16

I love it! Came in the wrong color but still very beautiful!


Par indiraa59 2016-01-11 01:39:44

I highly recommend this dress. JJhouse has done a beautiful job.
Only thing i will not recommend is the following:

if you don't have a really valid reason to go for tailored size then don't do.
i made customised size thinking that it will be perfect, but it came loose because that depends on how the tailor take the size and on top JJhouse will add 1 cm for the breathing. the problem is that ir made the dress bit loose and i had to take it to tailor to made it tighter.

if I order again i will go for strandard size and i will choose the once size smaller than me, because thats only way the dress will fit perfectly.

other than that the dress was amazing the quality of fabric and lace is impressive, so so so good quality. Big thank to JJhouse team,


Par sofierolfsnes 2015-10-03 14:26:18

The dress is absolutely gorgeous.The staff was indeed very helpful and shared a lot of ideas. The package was arrived earlier than I expected which is a big plus the only the thing is a little too big on me but still manageable but above all its perfect . I ordered my wedding dress and my daughter's dress. Two thumbs up for this site. I'm so looking forward for future orders.


Par Winnie 2015-08-30 15:33:25

When I saw this dress I knew I loved it and had to have it. It arrived quickly, which is a plus, even though the box was super beat up when I got it. There are a lot of layers to the dress so it's pretty thick; upon looking at the layers, I actually found some extra tulle that got stuck in there for some reason, so I just took the pieces out. Some of the lace designs are dirty or sewn on poorly, but for the most part, it looks nice. The top is loose, so I have to take it to my own tailor, even though I ordered a custom size. Not great, since I had pay extra and still go to the tailor, but such is the risk of purchasing a dress online. All in all, 4 out of 5 stars.


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